Best gaming keyboards 2018

You can easily dominate your gaming opponents with the best gaming keyboard of 2018. Taking its cue from the typical QWERTY model, a gaming keyboard is not strictly required for gaming but it does make it easy and convenient to activate certain functions  that enable you to customize game play. With a good enough unit, you can easily set gaming goals and meet them accordingly.


–> Game Mode and Wireless-Enabled

With a Game Mode setting, you can lock the Windows button on your gaming keyboard so that you can focus on the game play. best gaming keyboardThis mode disables access to the desktop, so you won’t accidentally exit the game and enter the desktop when you press the wrong button or bump the mouse pad.

Gaming keyboard reviewrave about the ability of certain models to wirelessly connect to the PC. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, wireless keyboards communicate with a small chip linked to the PC via USB and the unit itself. Wireless capability allows you to move away from your computer desk and onto another seating area or the couch while still being very much in the game.


–> Media Keys and Anti-ghosting

The top gaming keyboards in 2017 feature additional keys on their keyboard that allow you to adjust the volume higher or lower, cycle through songs, start music from multimedia players, or control other functions for media without ever leaving the game.

A keyboard should additionally feature anti-ghosting capability to disable keys in close proximity to command keys. This feature prevents accidentally pressing extra buttons, which can alter the game play aside from creating ghost activations. The anti-ghosting feature enables you to utilize multiple command keys simultaneously.

While a regular keyboard only accommodates execution of information from just a single key at a time, top-caliber gaming keyboards let you activate commands from as many as ten keys all at once.


–> Design Elements

Gaming keyboards should be ergonomically designed to effectively combat health issues including carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis, which result from using the keyboard for long periods. These design elements include a padded area at the base of the keyboard that serves as the wrist rest while typing. Wrist support should ideally be detachable. Some models feature separate left and right hand wrist supports.

Split key designs can be more comfortable on the wrist since the user doesn’t have to endure an inward curve of the wrists to access certain keys. However, such elements can make the keyboard difficult to control when the user is not a proficient typist.


–> Customization

Keyboards geared with a changeable face allow you to modify the unit’s appearance to your liking. This feature lets you remove the plate around the buttons and replace the surrounding plastic of standard black color to something more exciting such as neon and leopard hues, or a host of other designs.

G keys or programmable keys are located to the side of the keyboard. They let you program certain functions to the extra key points. Re-arrangeable keys let you switch a traditional alphabetic layout to a Dvorak design by choice and with the use of a special tool.

Backlights enable visibility in dim lighting, with some models offering color customization or use of color zones on different keyboard regions.


Popular models


It’s becoming more and more complicated these days to buy the best gaming keyboards in 2017, as the market is flooded with new and improved models that come out every season.

We’ve selected five of the most convenient, affordable and top-quality keyboards we’ve come across. Check them out below.

CM Storm Devastator Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle


This is one of the most cutting-edge units we’ve stumbled upon. The neat thing about it is that it can be bought as a kit, which is composed of a keyboard and a mouse. The product can be purchased in 4 color variants, ranging from blue to red and even multi-color.

The keyboard includes a series of dedicated multimedia keys, which buyers can utilize for controlling both music and volume.

This package works with Windows-based PCs. Connectivity is easily achieved by a USB port.

The specially designed keys make it the top choice both for gamers and for writers.



Razer DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard


Razer is one of the most well-known manufacturing brands when it comes to dependable and convenient gaming accessories. This keyboard comes with fully programmable keycaps, which are slim and easy to use. These particular keys take the cake in matters of counteracting any enemy’s movements, as they are known to react quickly and utilize as little time as possible in order to be actuated.

One of the most attractive features of this unit stands in the Razer Synapse 2.0, which is practically a cloud system allowing the keyboard to download both firmware updates and drivers, while saving the user information.



Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard


It goes without saying that it’s pretty difficult to buy a good keyboard under 50 dollarsand even more so if we’re talking about a Logitech model. This one can be found for less than this amount of money on top online retailers such as Amazon.

This is one of the most versatile models on the market, as it comes with 6 programmable G-keys. Gamers can utilize up to 18 functions per game, thus allowing them to enjoy the thrill without needing to adjust their needs to the product specifications.

The Logitech G105 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista computers.



Redragon S101 VAJRA Gaming Keyboard Set


This unit has 104 standard keys, 19 without conflict and 12 multimedia ones.

The package includes a 5-ft high-speed USB cable and a 3mm diameter braided fiber cable.

LED lighting is an innate feature of this product, as well as the ABS construction. Since any keyboard works best with a branded mouse, the manufacturers are offering a 2000 DPI, 4000 FPS one with this product.

The keyboard weighs in at only 2.2 pounds, which means that it’s pretty easy to carry around if you want to organize a gaming session at a friend’s house.


Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.7 Gaming Keyboard


If you are looking for excellent performance, this one’s the model to get. It has a wide array of exclusive features, from the TFT-LCD Touchscreen to the integrated TeamSpeak Functionality, complete with visual identifier.

The physical arrangement of the keyboard can be customized according to the needs of the user, thus allowing buyers to enjoy any type of game from RPG and MMO to MOBA.

The neat thing about this unit is that it is 100% optimized for responsiveness, on account of the interchangeable WASD and cursor keys and the full RGB backlighting.