The Different Types of Sit And Stand Strollers

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Purchasing a higher end sit and stand stroller provides you with a few extra features other than just a basic seating and standing position for your children. You will often get some extras such as storage baskets, cup holders and removable trays, although to find more accessories checkout Delicious.

The SAS strollers are created to hold two car seats with one child in each. Any variation of toddler, baby or older child can be accommodated in the sit and stand strollers and it is a very versatile piece of transportation equipment.

For those of you with a higher budget you can opt to go for a deluxe edition, giving you a lightweight yet sturdy build, giving you more maneuverability through tough crowds and uneven terrain.

To save you money and time searching for car seats, some strollers will come with a detachable car seat included, so you can complete two purchases by only buying one stroller and save you time and money.

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Many strollers will come with rain, wind and sun protection. Mesh canopies are sometimes included to keep your child safe and often times you can obtain see through canopy for rain and wind protection.

Some strollers will come with detachable parts and wheels, so you can store the stroller away for when it is not needed easily and into a small compact space.

A few strollers can be converted completely into a smaller standard stroller, if your child has grown out of the standing platform and you only have use for one child, then you can opt to do so.

With a sit and stand stroller you gain the following:

  • Functionality
  • Stylish Build
  • Very Versatile

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